Update 2 (29/09/2011)
Google has allowed the app back into the market, the current version there is 1.6.2 (same as here)

Get it here

Update: I have released a new version (1.6.2)
Changes include:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash when updating results
  • Fixed a bug in calculation of bonus points
  • Fixed a bug in ordering of teams in the group
  • Added a check for latest versions until market access is restored

You can get the file here: http://db.tt/OaMlqNz 

On Saturday 10 September I received an email from Google notifying me that my Rugby tracker app had been removed from the market due to copyright violations. It seems that “Rugby World Cup 2011” is copyrighted and I had used it in the name of my app. The William Web Ellis trophy is also copyrighted, and I had used it in my icon.

I have replied to Google and asked them to re-instate the app, I will remove any offending copyrighted stuff, I’m still waiting for a reply.

In the meantime, I will post a copy of the APK file here. I have already removed the copyrighted words and images.

Fixed in this release:

  • Removed copyright violations
    • Change name to World Cup Tracker
    • Removed the image of the trophy from the icon and the dashboard
  • Update fixtures on app launch in case automatic updates haven’t worked
  • Fixed bug where apps showed a score of 0-0 when they hadn’t been played yet
  • Fixed time issues with matches after 25 Spet (Daylight savings in NZ)

Fixed in a previous release which was on the market but you might not have gotten it:

  • Fixed a bug in calculation of bonus points
  • Fixed a bug that caused live feeds to not show unless the fixtures had been updated recently

Sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully it will be back in the market soon.

Version 1.6

To install:

  1. Go to this link on your phone/tablet and download the APK.
  2. Open the APK and install it
    1. You might need to enable “Unknown Sources” in Settings -> Applications

Link: http://db.tt/eSkgrcQ (File on DropBox)